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LeftSheflBisque SlipAway Ceramics and Crafts welcomes you!

We are an innovative ceramic, arts and crafts organization. We are a wholesale and retail ceramic shop, we teach classes in most areas of ceramic arts. We also give classes in sewing, quilting, stained glass and soon we will be offering classes in more classic crafts. If we have enough interest in an art or craft we'll go on the search and find a qualified teacher and offer classes. Just let us know your interests and we'll try to help you attain and fulfill your goals.


In the ceramic arts area, we have approximately 6000 molds that you can learn on and perfect your craft and technique. You can start with greenware or with bisque, if you don't know the difference in those we will teach you. We offer instruction in glazing, underglazing, acrylics, drybrushing, translucents, handbuilding, scraffito and so many other avenues. We have organized classes, click here for upcoming classes or come to an open workshop at your leisure, for pricing and membership explanations click here.

Please visit our online store to see some of the beautiful ceramic pieces we have available. We will ship bisque, however, greenware is available for instore pick-up only. We are updating our online catalog weekly with more available pieces so check back often.

We also offer a large variety of color and glazes for ceramic art, also brushes and tools. If you are looking for a specific product, please call us, if it is still available we will be happy to order it for you.

Thank you for visiting SlipAway Ceramics and Crafts online.